Today Alzheimers remains an incurable disease that affects the lives of millions. But what if there was a way to know ahead of time, long before the symptoms appear, to know that it’s a possibility in your future?

It’s a frightening thought to ponder, that this terrible disease could affect you or a loved one. But nonetheless, one that is worth reflecting on.

With numerous scientific research and clinical trials fighting towards find an answer to the problem, increased awareness of Alzheimers has grown in our everyday lives and conversations. Just earlier this month, Bill Gates made a decision to join the same movement, providing a huge investment towards these efforts, expressed in his blog.

20lilla-master768One of these investments will go towards developing blood tests, similar to those of HIV to help early signs of Dementia surface ahead of time. While today there are PET scans available to determine these symptoms ahead, having both types of research will come closer to unraveling the thread on the topic of pre-Alzheimers.

But this comes with the cost of knowing that your identity is marked, affected by this answer, years ahead. Fear, anxiety or clarity could all be outcomes of these results. After all, It’s a real life changer.┬áSome people may choose to keep the diagnosis a secret, because of the stigma surrounding Alzheimers, while others will alter their habits or everyday decisions to dilute the cognitive decline early on. It all depends on the individual and the way they want to cope with this knowledge.

Change is unavoidable, and with new found results that could predict your biological destiny, it’s the first step in the climb towards scientific breakthrough. With openness to discussion, conversation and participation in research, the stigma weighing on Alzheimers will shrink. If you are one destined to be in the high-risk group, what will you do to help the fight?








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